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Cleansing is one of the most important steps of everyday skin care. It is also a step on which many people damage their skin by using harsh chemicals stripping the skin of essential elements. To keep your skin young and beautiful, use delicate yet effective cleansing techniques. Toning up is an essential part of everyday skin care routine. It completes skin cleansing process, normalizes acidic balance and neutralizes cleansing agents and water. Children and young people have such beautiful, elastic and supple skin because it completely renews itself every 2 weeks. As we grow old the skin renewal slows down, so damaged and exhausted cells stay on the surface longer creating that dull, uneven appearance. That is why, in addition to everyday hygienic procedures, it is necessary to “wake up” the skin once or twice a week for stirring up metabolic processes and speeding up cell renewal. It can be achieved by deep cleansing and exfoliating the upper layer of dead cells. For this purpose we have developed various peelings and scrubs.

: : PURE CLEANSING GEL (all skin types)
  • Exceptionally thorough and, at the same time, delicate skin cleansing is achieved by successive use of the following two preparations: Pure Cleansing Gel and Purifying Hydrophilic Cleanser. Pure Cleansing Gel actively hydrates the layer of dry skin cells, promoting their exfoliation from the skin surface. Purifying Hydrophilic Cleanser easily dissolves make-up and other soluble adipose substances on the skin surface. Both preparations are mixed directly on the surface of the skin, forming a cleansing emulsion. The emulsion is easily washed off by water, leaving the skin absolutely clean, fresh and velvety. The present system of cleansing excludes dirt into pores, does not upset the skin natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and acidic balance. Both products are free of soap and artificial flavours. Recommended for all skin types, including sensitive one.

  • Active Ingredients: Allantoin

  • Volume: 180 ml.
    Barcode: 725496


: : MAGIC JELLY Hydrophilic makeup remover and soft cleanser for delicate skin(for face, neck & eyes)
  • Soft natural jelly with nourishing natural oils allows easy and complete makeup removal. Works well for waterproof mascara. Soothes, softens and nourishes dry and thin skin. Easy to apply and wash off, leaving skin perfectly clean, velvety and supple. Ideal in combination with Cleansing Gel Magiray. Directions: For make-up remover (including resistant or waterproof) - apply to skin with soft massage movements until complete dissolution of make-up, then remove with cotton pad. For mild cleansing - Apply Cleansing Gel (or any other herbal aqueous gel), and then Hydrophilic gel. Mix directly on the skin, forming a cleansing emulsion, which then easily washes off with water. Active ingredients: argan, burdock and olive oils, squalene, guaiasulene, tocophrol (vit.E), lavender oil.

  • Active Ingredients: argan, burdock , squalene, guaiasulene, tocophrol (vit.E), lavender oil

  • Volume: 60 ml./2oz
    Barcode: 725137


  • Completes the process of skin cleansing. Tones up the skin, favours its receptivity to corresponding preparations, restore acid mantle - pH5.5, moistens and calms the skin.

  • Active Ingredients: Algae, Cucumber, Butcherbroom, Allantoin, Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids

  • Volume: 150ml.
    Barcode: 725151


: : CLARITY+ [HIS/HERS] (face wash foam)
  • CLARITY Plus - face wash foam with seabuckthorn. Foams away impurities. Leaves your skin bright and perfectly clean. Preserves bactericidal properties of the skin. Contains soothing and moisturizing components. Soap-free formula leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.

  • Active Ingredients: Seabuckthorn, Marsh mallow, Cucumber, Panthenol, Chamomile

  • Volume: 150 ml.
    Barcode: 725366


: : ACTIVE ALPHA SERUM(Renovating for all skin types)
  • Active blend of plant extracts with naturally derived AHA exfoliates dead skin cells, allowing newer, smoother skin to emerge. For all skin types. Lightens pigment spots. Improves and evens skin texture. Used on its own and also to reinforce the action of Active Alpha Cream. While using cosmetic products, containing AHA, it is obligatory to use a day sun protective products with SPF-15 minimum.

  • Active Ingredients: Aloe Gel, Glycolic acid, Cucumber, Chamomile, Echinacea, Lavender oil

  • Volume: 30 ml.
    Barcode: 725205


  • Invigorating creamy body scrub cleanses and tones up the skin, effectively removes dead cells from the skin surface to enhance its renewal. Due to a special texture and composition the scrub instantly comforts the skin, makes it smooth and supple. Regular use supports the skins elasticity and freshness. Direction: Apply to the skin by circular massaging movements for 2-3 min. and rinse with water. Dry up the skin and apply the COCOSHAKE cream.

  • Active Ingredients: complex of marine algae, glycolic acid, cocoa shell powder, extracts of coffee seeds, witch hazel, knotweed, aloe juice, phospholipids of borage oil, seabuckthorn fruit oil.

  • Volume: 200 ml / 7.05 oz
    Barcode: 725458


: : NATURAL PEELING (all skin types)
  • A rapid "facial" for busy women. Its cleansing ability may be accomodated according to the individual skin sensitivity, adding several drops of water. Does not contain preservatives. Contains the Dead Sea salts. Its mineral complex is similar to that of natural moisturizing factor (NMF). Completely dissolved in water, allowing to remove it quickly from the skin without leaving particles or granules. Contains moisturizing and bactericidal components.

  • Active Ingredients: Dead Sea salts, Pineapple, Calendula

  • Volume: 30 ml
    Barcode: 725229


  • Pearl milk for all skin types with exceptionally tender and soft consistence effectively and thoroughly, but, at the same time, gently cleanses face and neck skin, including eye contour area.

  • Active Ingredients: shea , grape seed oil, borage seed oil, extracts of green tea, ginkgo, tomato, licorice, soapwort, vitamins A and C, pearl powder, orange essential oil

  • Volume: 150 ml
    Barcode: 725670


  • Scrub with papaya extract for all skin types thoroughly removes every kind of impurities from the skin. Possesses properties of mechanical as well as enzyme peeling. Prevents comedones formation, peels off dead cells, enhances renewal of skin cells and improves elasticity. Prepares the skin to percept other preparations. The scrub contributes to even and beautiful complexion.

  • Active Ingredients: papaya juice, panthenol, chitosan, citric acid, green tea extract.

  • Volume: 70ml
    Barcode: 725540